For English speaking visitors

For English speaking visitors

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The name of our project „Freie Bibel“ could be translated to „free bible“. In the German language, other than in English language, the word „free“ refers unambiguously to the idea of freedom rather than to price (or „gratis“), and in this sense our project should be understood. Therefore our project is a free software project with the goal to digitalize and reproduce bible texts in German language, which are in the German equivalent of Public Domain (called „Gemeinfreiheit“, which differs a little from the US American Public Domain concept - an author under German jurisdiction can't publish a work initially under Public Domain, without free licensing such work gets only available to the general public 70 years after his death) or published under a free license. Our works, including tools which were developed for the reproduction process, are published under a free software license such as the Free Software Foundations GNU General Public License Version 3 or any later version, so that you too are legally allowed to benefit from our results. To ensure the usability technically, our bible text reproduction process is based on freely licensed computer system tools, which will enable you to reproduce each of the required steps for yourself. Note that the project itself is non-denominational and without commercial interest, consisting of separate private individuals who participate.

We obtain original (sometimes historical) bible translations in form of physical books, digitalize them, i. e. by scanning or photographing, followed by manually typing the text into a XML file (plus additional proofreading), from where we reproduce the text in a wide variety of formats such as PDF, HTML, EPUB or even physical printed copies. The reproduction process is influenced by bible typesetting and typography, where a whole lot of variations in terms of layout and design, more generally a great room for customization are possible. Furthermore, additional software tools of our project are able to generate bible translation comparisons or a parallel bible from the texts. In future, we may plan to implement software such as a full text concordance generator or collaborative bible study tools. To get a more specific overview, please look at our project description.

Since our project is completely in German language (except software tools), you may have a hard time in getting the information about how the project works. Additionally, we won't work on bible texts of other languages than German, because we can't check ourselves if the bible text is correct or not. Nevertheless we believe that our materials can be of great value for you, which is why we would like to encourage you to start a „free bible“ project in your language, to use our tools according to your individual requirements or to commit to the software development process and to design desicions. We would be glad to answer your questions or to help you with the usage of our materials. We are open for feedback or suggestions. And please help to correct errors in this English text ;-) Feel free to contact us, either directly here on the discussion board or via the contact form.

See also a video series about our processing tools: Episode 1 (Introduction).

Further, we encourage everybody to get familiar with the concept of free software and free licensing; see the speeches of Richard Stallman (founder of the Free Software Foundation) „Copyright vs. Community“, how he got to the idea of free software and what free software actually is. Also read the book „The Christian Commons“ by Tim Jore of Distant Shores Media (we do not necessarily agree with every statement in there, but it is a fairly good enough start).
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